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Functional medicine

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Service Description

Check out our service menu for examples of when to book an appointment. What I offer for you? ♡ Virtual and safe environment through a holistic lens ♡ Focus on treating the whole YOU - physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally ♡ Finding the root cause of your symptoms ♡ Focus on developing lasting relationships ♡ Assist you in uncovering answers to your questions ♡ Deal with the root causes of diseases rather than treating only the symptoms ♡ Thorough review of your health ♡ Focus on preventing and reversing health conditions ♡ determine which nutrients your body needs, which foods you should be eating, and which supplements you should be taking to make sure your body is getting exactly what it needs to function at its optimal level so that it can heal itself on its own. ♡ ♡ development of your personal wellness goals, and a plan to support you in achieving these goals. ♡ I will help you to improve your health and feel like NEW you again!

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