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Family's natural medicine guide.png

Discover the potential of natural remedies through our jam-packed
20-page guide!

Dive in and discover a handpicked selection of essential supplements and therapeutic herbs – because who said wellness can't be fun?

Get ready for a wellness journey that can help building a strong foundation of health and resilience

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Family's natural medicine guide.png

Dive into the fantastic world of Vitamin C, Zinc, Curcumin, Omega-3, Magnesium, NAC, Arnica, and a bunch of other cool supplements and healing herbs to keep at home!

The Family's Natural Medicine Guide is like your superhero sidekick, helping you build an awesome foundation of health and resilience.

Say hello to a fun and vibrant well-being journey with our guide!

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Here is the list of just several essential supplements for your family's path to holistic well-being that is covered in the guide

Family's natural medicine guide (4).png

Vitamin C Supercharge:

Unleash the superhero vibes of Vitamin C and watch it power up your family's defenses against sneaky bugs and common illnesses! It's the immune-boosting rockstar you didn't know your family needed

Zinc Guardian:

Meet Zinc, the mighty defender of your family's immune system! This superhero mineral is here to play a crucial role in overall well-being, ensuring your family stays strong and resilient.

Curcumin Wonder:

Step into the world of Curcumin, the magical ingredient found in turmeric!It's like a wizard for your joints, sprinkling anti-inflammatory goodness to keep your family bouncing with wellness.

NAC Lung Hero:

Join forces with NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), the lung superhero! This antioxidant powerhouse is on a mission to ensure your family's respiratory health soars to new heights.

Don't let it slip by—grab the guide and explore the full stash of fantastic supplements!

Family's natural medicine guide.png
Family's natural medicine guide.png

Fun Alert! Before you dive into the supplement party, here's your golden ticket to wellness wisdom:


The Health Squad Reminder:

Always have a pow-wow with a healthcare pro before starting your supplement adventures. They've got the expert intel to make sure your wellness journey is top-notch!


Too much of a good thing can sometimes be, well, not so good. Individual needs vary, and excessive supplement partying might not be your vibe. Balance is the key!


Disclaimer Disco:

These supplements are like the backup dancers—they're here to enhance the show, not replace the star. For the real deal, like serious health stuff, call in the main act: your healthcare provider!

Family's natural medicine guide.png
Family's natural medicine guide.png

Now, onto the wellness fiesta! But hey, don't forget the classics:    

  • a balanced diet, 

  • some dance-worthy physical activity, 

  • and a stress-busting playlist. 

Stress? Nah, it's time to groove into a happy, healthy life!

If things start getting tricky, reach out to your healthcare guide—they're the true MVPs! Let the health fiesta begin! And, for that personalized touch, hit me up to tailor the plan just for you!

Imagine your health journey as a fusion dance between Western Science and Functional Medicine—two partners creating a harmony for your well-being!

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Hey there! I'm a licensed Nurse Practitioner rocking it in the world of Primary Health Care. Science, medicine, and helping people are my jam!

Ever tried solving the mystery of health issues like chronic stress or ninja-level anxiety? Or finding a solution to bloating, irritability and low libido? It's like finding a needle in a haystack, right? Well, guess what?

You've stumbled upon the specialist who loves finding those hidden needles!

After years of hitting the books, getting hands-on, and playing health detective, I've got the skills to crack almost any health puzzle. Let the fun health-solving adventures begin!

Say hello to your new wellness BFF—

the Functional Medicine Maestro!

Imagine a health journey where you and your doc embark on a quest for peak well-being, and it's all sprinkled with a dash of fun.

Family's natural medicine guide (4).png

Magic Moments:

Your Functional Medicine Wizard is not just about prescriptions; they're all about creating magical moments in your health story. Expect potions of laughter, a sprinkle of breakthroughs, and the occasional high-five when you conquer wellness quests!

Wellness Detective Work:

Ready for some health detective fun? Your Functional Medicine Sherlock Holmes dives deep into the mysteries of your well-being, uncovering clues and creating a plot twist where you become the hero!

Personalized Party:

No one-size-fits-all here! Your Functional Medicine Buddy crafts a personalized wellness fiesta just for you. It's like having a health coach, DJ, and confetti thrower all in one!

Wellness Waltz:

It's not just a consultation; it's a wellness waltz! Picture a dance floor where you and your doc twirl through strategies, high-fiving each victory. It's a boogie towards health nirvana!

The After-Party Glow:

Leave the consultation feeling like a wellness VIP! Your Functional Medicine Dynamo ensures you exit the health party with a glow-up, armed with a personalized plan for a fabulous, feel-good life.

Working with a Functional Medicine Maestro isn't just about health—it's about crafting your wellness masterpiece in the most entertaining way possible. Get ready to dance your way to vibrant living!

Book a free discovery call with me

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