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Western Science + Functional Medicine = My Approach to Your Health

You want to find out what your body is telling you? I’m ready to dig deeper!

Hi there! I am Xenia.

I am a licensed Nurse Practitioner with a focus in Primary Health Care. I love science, medicine, and helping people. I know that sometimes it’s difficult or almost impossible to find the real cause of certain health issues, such as chronic stress, constant insomnia, anxiety, you name it. That’s why you are here. You are looking for a specialist who can see what others couldn’t or didn’t want to see. I think at last you found one! Years of studying, practicing, and taking care of people gave me the right tools to solve almost any health puzzle.

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Licensed specialist

As a CNO licensed Nurse Practitioner I am authorized to order and interpret all laboratory tests and prescribe medications.

A little more than a regular therapist

I integrate traditional Western medical practices with 'alternative' medicine to create individualized protocols and patient-centered care.

One and done approach
Оne specialist, one program focused on physical & emotional wellness, and then you are done with issues that bothered you for many years.

Skilled stress fighter
Stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue are my jam. There are a lot of successful case studies under my belt. Sometimes the origins of stress are extraordinary (for example, microbiome dysfunction). But be sure – I’ll find and eliminate them!

Individualized and comfy care
I live and work in Ontario. But I have patients from all over the USA and Canada. You can get treatment sitting at home in your cozy armchair. Trust me, it’s a great place to radically improve your mind and body.

Кристаллическая соль

My Approach Is Based on Functional Medicine


Here are 5 facts about FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE that you should know:


Functional medicine – focuses on uncovering the root causes of health issues. When you know the root cause, you can get rid of an ailment once and for all instead of patching it up with a band aid solution.


Functional medicine – is a powerful patient-centered approach addressing the whole person. Typically, a patient will come in with a single health issue: high cholesterol, hypertension, stress, etc. However, once the root cause is addressed, often their mental and physical health will improve. 


Functional medicine – provides lasting results through lifestyle changes. In the course of treatment patients often change their everyday habits, such as diet, physical activity, sleep, etc. The result is an improved quality of life that can last for years.


Functional medicine – is a personalized approach where one size does NOT fit all. What works for your friend does NOT mean it’ll work for you. The practitioner and the patient have to work closely to set goals and action plan together. The process can be very exciting, especially once they start seeing results.


Functional medicine – takes time to dig deeper! The practitioner will take the time they need to understand every patient’s health issues in detail. This way they can address a deep-seated issue and teach the patient to take better care of their individual health.

Пациент с Healthcare Nurse

I Can and Want to Help You With…

♡ Stress
♡ Anxiety
♡ Insomnia
♡ Fatigue
♡ Low energy
♡ Hypothyroidism
♡ Metabolic syndrome —           Diabetes, insulin resistance
♡ High cholesterol
♡ Eczema - dermatitis 

♡ Allergies
♡ Autoimmune Diseases
♡ Cardiovascular Disease

♡ Constipation
♡ Disease prevention
♡ Frequent or recurrent             infections
♡ Gut health/digestive issues

♡ Headaches and Migraines

♡ Heavy Metal Toxicity
♡ Hormone Imbalances

♡ Metabolism and weight         issues
♡ Motherhood                         (preconception,pregnancy,

   postpartum care) 
♡ Nutrition deficiencies 
♡ Thyroid problems                   (Hypothyroid, Hashimoto's)
♡ Vaccine education and           guidance

Imagine this…

You feel an energy boost. 
You begin to go out more often, play with your kids, take care of your home, take care of yourself. 
You are able to attend a gym, travel on foot for hours, revive many forgotten enjoyable activities.
You are more focused and mentally sharp in general. You are able to complete difficult tasks more easily. Your ability to process information increases and your memory gets stronger.

You stop being “hangry” and you are able to keep your emotions at bay.

You make friends with food and decrease food-mood swings by controlling your blood sugar fluctuations and nutritional imbalances. 
You stop ruminating thoughts about poor choices and stubborn weight. 
You don’t need to starve or cut out any food groups or spend hours at the gym to feel optimal.

You built healthy habits to better understand your body, emotional state, your inner desires, and the healing power of nutrition. 

You are able to connect the dots of poor health and to create a healthy lifestyle.

You feel comfortable and satisfied with your body weight.
You feel relief of not thinking about food menu.

Your microbiote thanks you for delicious and healthy foods you eat.

Introducing proper nutrition stimulates the growth and diversity of good bacteria. Thus, you see multiple changes in you,

including a better look and a better mood.

You will accept yourself as you are and feel your best!

You feel great in your body!

Кристаллическая соль

Work with me and become the CEO of your health!

So easy to book a free discovery call

  • First discovery call is free. 

  • Let’s talk. It’s super easy and it’ll take only 15 minutes. 

  • One short conversation can be the start of huge improvements in your life. 

  • We will determine if I am the right fit for your individual health goals and needs.

  • We will determine the best plan of action for you!

  • No medical advice is given on these phone calls.

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Beat Stress Guide: Free 9-Page Manual Full of Useful Insights

It’s only 9 pages long, and most of it is pictures and diagrams.

It’s a simple, yet effective tool to get another angle on your stress problem. 

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